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BSC Contract Address:


Powerbomb pay
PBP Tokenomics

100 Million Total Tokens

5% Tax


1% Liquidity Pool

1% Buyback & Burn

1% Shared $BUSD Rewards

2% Marketing

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Cryptocurrency Pro Wrestling

Welcome to Powerbomb Pay, the revolutionary platform at the intersection of wrestling and cryptocurrency. As an investor, you're about to embark on an exciting journey with numerous benefits and opportunities.

  • Lucrative Investment Potential: By investing in Powerbomb Pay ($PBP), you gain exposure to a dynamic wrestling-themed cryptocurrency that has the potential for significant growth. As the popularity of wrestling continues to soar, your investment in PBP positions you at the forefront of this booming market.

  • Passive Income through Tokenomics: $PBP is designed with a unique tokenomics system that incentivizes and rewards holders. Through automatic static rewards on each transaction, you have the opportunity to passively earn $BUSD tokens, increasing the value of being a $PBP holder.

  • Active Community and Engagement: As an investor in Powerbomb Pay, you become part of a vibrant and passionate community. Engage with fellow wrestling enthusiasts, share insights, and participate in discussions about the project's development, future plans, and upcoming events. Together, we'll shape the future of wrestling and cryptocurrency.

  • Exclusive Access to NFTs and Gaming: Powerbomb Pay is not just a cryptocurrency; it's a gateway to exciting experiences. As an investor, you gain exclusive access to our NFT collections, featuring rare and unique wrestling-themed digital assets. Additionally, stay tuned for our upcoming wrestling gaming projects, where you can immerse yourself in the world of wrestling like never before.

  • Early Adoption Advantage: By investing in Powerbomb Pay at this stage, you become an early adopter of a groundbreaking project with immense growth potential. As we continue to expand our partnerships, collaborations, and utility within the wrestling industry, your investment stands to benefit from the increasing demand and adoption of Powerbomb Pay.

Join us today and be part of the wrestling revolution powered by cryptocurrency. Together, we'll drive innovation, unlock new opportunities, and reshape the future of wrestling entertainment. Your investment in Powerbomb Pay opens doors to a world of exciting possibilities.

$PBP Features

$BUSD Rewards To All Holders​

With 1% of every transaction distributed among holders of $PBP To Your wallet in $BUSD, Every Buy and sell of our token rewards you, You'll be making passive income from powerbomb pay

Ownership Renounced: Txn Hash

Ownership of the token has been renounced meaning there can be no changes to the contract as it was from the day it was renounced, buy and sell tax shall forever stay at 5%.

Liquidity Locked: Mudra Locker Certificate

Liquidity has been locked for one year at launch, each time we pass 100 new holders, we will add a year onto the lock. Your funds are SAFU with $PBP and Powerbomb Pay.

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PowerBomb Pay WhitePaper

The Powerbomb Pay (PBP) Whitepaper is an exploration of a groundbreaking wrestling-themed cryptocurrency project that captivates the imagination. It introduces a dynamic ecosystem where blockchain technology and the passionate world of wrestling converge. The whitepaper highlights the innovative tokenomics, featuring a low 5% transaction tax and a rewarding token distribution system that empowers holders. It delves into the diverse use cases of PBP, including its pivotal role as an in-game currency, a secure payment method for ticket sales to wrestling events, a live streaming solution for independent promotions, and a catalyst for immersive wrestler/fan interactions.

The whitepaper also unveils an exciting merchandise marketplace and envisions a vibrant community engagement platform. With a visionary roadmap and a commitment to revolutionizing the wrestling experience, the PBP Whitepaper sets the stage for a thrilling journey where wrestling enthusiasts and crypto investors unite. Join us in shaping the future of wrestling, where PBP becomes the ultimate expression of passion and innovation.

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March/April 2023

  • Token Creation
  • Website Launch
  • Initial Outreach
  • Token Launch
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May - December 2023

  • Token Discovery
  • Community Hub
  • Text Game Development
  • NFTMania

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Q1 2024

  • Continued Discovery
  • Text Game Releases
  • Business Outreach For Adoption
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  • 2D & 3D Game Releases
  • Ticket Marketplace
  • Merchandise
  • Payment System

PBP Gaming
PBP Gaming will feature select text based 2d and 3d games for your enjoyment Games are in Development stay tuned for launch of our first game

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Meet The PBP Team

Years ago, I had created 2 Cryptocurrencies, they had no use case, they were meme coins with a charity aspect. They were successful, one hitting 25 million market cap. they're still around but as most meme coins do besides a couple successful ones, they die down. During this time, I spent a long time thinking of what industry lacks blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. What industry would be around forever, that could use a new payment method, that could have multiple use cases? What industry am I passionate about and have been a fan since 1989?

It hit me that the professional wrestling industry could use more blockchain influence. I mean the biggest wrestling company in the world turned to NFTs at one point so clearly there is a connection between Cryptocurrency and Pro Wrestling already. But how could we incorporate cryptocurrency into professional wrestling and how could it be used in a way that solves a problem. With millions... And millions of fans around the world, $PBP could be revolutionary in how wrestling enthusiasts around the world interact with each other. With low transaction fees users can easily transfer $PBP between each other for purchases, bartering or if you're out of town, let's say you're from Sweden in the USA for a once in a lifetime wrestling event, you won't need to switch your currency over, just use $PBP, an international currency that doesn't need conversion to be used.

I brought the idea to a couple other Blockchain developers and we sat down and brainstormed all the pros, cons, and uses for the Cryptocurrency and built a project around it, Powerbomb Pay was born. With new project aspects like easy access to independent wrestling stars and sales of exclusive tickets and merchandise, the project is coming along nicely and in a timely fashion. View the development teams profiles below and shoot them a message if you appreciate everything they're doing for the wrestling and crypto communities.

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